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Change Log: – 24 Aug 2022
– Version: 4.0.0
+ Added – Admin panel installation script
+ Improve – Admin panel auto-update script
+ Improve – Admin panel improved
+ Updated- Android side latest SDK support
+ Improvements and issue fixed

eCart - Multi Vendor eCommerce System - 4

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Version 3.0.2

( updated on 16-June-2022)

+ Added - html editor RTL and LTR option
+ Improve - email invoice format
+ Fixed - add & edit pincode issue in panel
+ Fixed - awb code generate issue
+ Fixed - android app crash issues

Version 3.0.1

( updated on 25-May-2022)

+ Added – Address list in customer module (admin panel)
+ Improved – Add/update address module
+ Improved – Home page slider url redirection
+ Fixed – Delivery charge calculation
+ Fixed - On checkout saved amount miss match amount

Version 3.0.0

( updated on 12-May-2022)

+ Migration - Java to Kotlin
+ Added  - Generate and print option for shipment manifest and label for shiprocket orders
+ Resolved - Delivery charges issue
+ Resolved - Similar products issue
+ Resolved - Cancel order issue
+ Resolved - Shiprocket webhook URL issue

Version 2.0.1

( updated on 21-Apr-2022)

+ Improvement - System security

Version 2.0.0

( updated on 14-Apr-2022)

+ Added – Shiprocket module (with dynamic settings)
+ Added – Image related modules now can upload GIF Images
+ Improve – Feature section
+ Improve – Maintenance mode
+ Improve – Area, pin code, city module

Version 1.0.9

( updated on 14-Feb-2022)

+ Added - Tax name & tax number in order invoice (Admin Panel)
+ Added - Sub category order system (Admin Panel)
+ Added - Variants wise images (Website and admin panel)
+ Improve - Cities, areas and pincodes bulk upload option (Admin Panel)
+ Improve - Banner images dynamic position (Website and admin panel)

Version 1.0.8

( updated on 14-Dec-2021 )

– Version: 1.0.8
+ Added add to cart option in sections in home page and in product detail similar products
+ Improvements

Version 1.0.7

( updated on 6-Dec-2021 )

+ Added direct bank trasfer payment method<br />
+ Added setting of display color picker in admin panel<br />
+ Only seller orders showing in seller panel issue fixed<br />

Version 1.0.6

( updated on 26-Nov-2021 )

+ Add View/Print/Download invoice delivered order in customer app
+ Add Promo code listing in customer app
+ Improved sections module in admin panel (Added facility for the all products display in sections)
+ Add link attachment option in slider image

Version 1.0.5

( updated on 29-Oct-2021 )

+ Added voice notifications (Text to Speech) while new orders are being assigned - (seller app & delivery boy app)
+ Product adding system improved and image-related issues solved (seller app)
+ Added bulk order item status update - (delivery boy app)
+ Notification list improved (if notification related to product or category then on notification click it redirects to respected item or category)

Version 1.0.4

( updated on 3-Oct-2021 )

+ New App UI 
+ Added save for later option within the cart
+ Added new setting for COD allowed dynamic / per product and for global product 
+ Manual option to update seller commission if cron job not working
+ Fixed place order API taking too much time
+ Fixed issue with a count of delivery boy pending orders
+ Fixed showing item returned even if return request cancelled by admin

Version 1.0.3

( updated on 16-Aug-2021 )

+ SSLcommerz payment gateway
+ Bulk status and delivery boy update from admin and seller panel
+ Category wise seller commission
+ Cash in the hand of delivery boy, which he collected via COD payment method in admin panel
+ Customer deactivates the feature. If deactivated should not be able to add_cart and place order
+ Filter by the seller in orders table
+ Added count of pending orders of delivery boys
+ Web front end settings in admin panel
+ UI improvements & Bug fixing


( updated on 21-July-2021 )

Seller App: (Change Log txt file available)
+ Order Item Wise Delivery Boy Assign (Dynamic)
+ Order OTP Showing (Dynamic)
+ Customer Privacy and all settings solved for update settings not need to re-login seller app
+ Bug Fixes and improvement

Customer App : (Change Log txt file available)
+ Bug Fixes

PHP Backend Admin Panel
+ Seller view order OTP and assign delivery boy settings in admin panel add/edit seller
+ Search by city name in admin panel area table
+ Restricted to cancel delivered order
+ Fixed issue with bulk uploads (product variants)
+ Fixed update seller profile button not working in mobile devices
+ Fixed seller fund transfer issue
+ Fixed choosing approved while adding product not working
+ Fixed redirecting to admin panel after seller signup
+ Fixed add product with package type not working from seller panel
+ Fixed seller forgot password issue
+ Fixed section issue
+ Fixed update product issue from seller app


( updated on 13-July-2021 )

+Forgot password feature implementation in seller panel
+Added OTP admin/seller panel order detail page
+Allowed seller to update delivery boy from seller panel
+Fixed orders not showing in seller APP due to issue in API
+Fixed missing the last subcategory in getting categories seller API
+Fixed undefined index  0 notice user app login time (when no such user exists)
+Fixed incorrect total orders in seller panel and APP home page
+Fixed incorrect total sale in seller app home page
+Fixed seller login issue due to using of undefined variable
+Fixed update seller balance cron job file not working properly and also optimized query (removed date comparison condition)
+Fixed customer list not showing in seller panel and APP due to problem in query
+Fixed invalid total count seller and admin panel customer table
+Fixed showing wrong tax amount in admin/seller panel orders table
+Fixed delivery boy balance mismatch in APP and Panel
+Fixed showing the same record two times while search using mobile admin/seller panel customers table
+Fixed on return request approval customer getting refund amount including promo discount
+Fixed search not working in admin/seller panel areas table
+Fixed bug pin-codes not updating while update product from admin panel


( updated on 17-june-2021 )

 + Fixed add product validation issues
 + Fixed delete category issue


( updated on 14-june-2021 )

+Product deliverable checking at cart page

Version 1.0.2

( updated on 11-june-2021 )

+ New area and Pincode structure for future updates
+ Seller delete issue resolved
+ Subcategory delete issue resolved
+ Shop by seller module resolved
+ Seller app total issue resolved
+ Fixed delivery boy total issue
+ Fixed Cancel order issue
+ Fixed Delivery boy OTP issue

Customer App

+ Searching issue resolved
+ Improve address part with adding fixed
+ Small bug fixes & improvements


+ Product adding issue resolved

Version 1.0.1

( updated on 22-May-2021 )

+ Not updating seller description issue resolved
+ Delete Seller issue resolved
+ Category display issue resolved
+ Cancel order Return amount issue resolved
+ Product direct approval issue resolved
+ Security bug fixed
+ Unit add & edit option added
+ Push Notification issue resolved

Customer App

Shop by area 
   + Shop by seller
   + Bug Fixed
   + Forgot and Registration system solved


   +Product adding issue solved
   +Withdrawal request issue solved
   +Order detail page missing calculations solved